Corporate Wellness

Gather | Connect| Heal


Turn your office space into a zen meditation den. Help employees unplug so they can relax and recharge without leaving the office. Taking a mindful break can help employees be more productive, happier, and healthier.


How it works:

  • You contact me to book a block of time

  • You reserve a quiet conference room

  • I come to your office and perform healing meditation with optional crystals, aromatherapy, elixirs and/or snacks

  • Employees enjoy one-on-one healing meditation sessions and return to work refreshed and recharged

Great for:

  • Employee appreciation events

  • Corporate wellness initiatives

  • A zen add-on to flu shot day

  • Stressful times, like end of quarter or end of year

  • Holiday party add-on or activity

  • A healing add-on to group yoga or team workouts