Hi. I’m Karen.


about me

I’m not your typical Reiki Master. I’m a short and sassy, left-handed, snort-laughing, hand-talking, bourbon-drinking, pizza-eating, cat-loving girl from the east coast. I grew up in New York, went to college in Boston, and lived in Los Angeles, where I met my husband, a native Kansas Citian. After we married we decided to make KC our home.

When I’m not sending all the love and light your way, I’m listening to podcasts, reading on my Kindle, sipping turmeric lattes at Monarch Coffee, traveling, hosting dinner parties, doing Pilates, and/or hugging my cats. There’s a lot of cat hugging if we’re being honest.


how i found reiki

I didn’t believe that energy healing was a thing until it changed my life. I was in a car crash in December of 2016 that left me with multiple physical injuries and a broken heart - I was eventually diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. I was taking all of the medications. There were the pills to make me sleep, pills to make me less sad, pills to get through the advertising agency meetings, pills to help with the side effects of all the other pills.

I felt broken and I was running out of places to turn for relief. A friend recommended a Reiki session with Christy Marsh and my world was turned upside down (perhaps right-side up?). The experience was so profound I’m not even sure how to put it in words. Tears streamed down my cheeks, which is very on-brand for my kind of awkward - turns out crying during a session TOTALLY normal.

Afterward, I felt whole and complete, like my traumas, failures, disappointments, doubts, and fears - everything I tried to hide from my whole life - were no longer able to define me. I felt so damn free. I knew I wanted to go deeper with Reiki and healing. I completed my Reiki Level One, Two, and Three (Master) attunements with Christy.

I cannot wait to share Reiki and the gift of healing with you.